Here are the answers to the questions we receive the most regarding the HRA. We will be adding more information to this FAQ on a regular basis. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ or on the website, please contact us


Q: What is a "Sense of Place?"

A: When people work to improve their existing community or protect a unique landscape feature, they are showing a "Sense of Place."

Q: What are the boundaries of the HRA property?

A: View the photo below for general outline of the HRA property. This image does not show the actual property lines, it should only be used as a reference point.

Q: Is there a simple chronological history of the HRA?

A: A Chronological History of the HRA is presently being written.  Check back in to read the history. 

Q: Which road is Topics Road and which road is Nantasket Avenue in the area of the HRA property?

Topics Road is the two lane north bound road that curves to the left after the hotel. Nantasket Avenue is the two lane south bound road that goes straight from the War Memorial into the area bordered by the Hotel and the new streetscape. Hull Shore Drive and Hull Shore Drive extension run north along the beach.

Q: Where does the money go once the HRA property is sold?

The money goes to the HRA.

Q: What can money from the sale of HRA property be used for? 

Any work that is considered to be for a community development related activity.

Q: Who ends up owning the land when some development is completed?

The land parcel(s) sold for development, will be owned by the developer who purchased the parcel(s).  Open space parcels will remain under HRA ownership or control.

Q: What is the value of the entire HRA property?

The value of the property will be determined by the manner in which it will be developed.  The scope and density of the development will impact the valuation of the property.

Q: With the understanding that the members of the HRA have total control over how money is spent, there should be public input over any and all expenditures. This would give members of the public the opportunity for input prior to your vote.

All HRA Board meetings and agendas are posted and open to the public at all times. Meetings are typically held on specified Mondays at 6:30 p.m. at Hull Town Hall.

Q: Who will be responsible for doing an Impact Analysis of The Financial Impact of any Development plan?

The Planning Board can require any developer to hire a separate consultant to do this study.

Q: When homes or building are put onto pilings to deal with ocean flooding, what is the height limit for the entire structure?

A:  The allowable height for homes and buildings is dictated by the zoning bylaws for the location of the property.  To review the zoning bylaws, click here.  Following your review, contact the Building Department to discuss your particular situation. 

Q: What kind of feedback has been collected in regards to the development of this property?

A town-wide survey was completed prior to the last development plan. 

Q: Is not doing anything an option? I am really upset at the idea of losing the open space and those views. 

I also don't see why commercial space would be any more successful there than elsewhere in town, and would think the loss of beach parking would increase parking wars with residents. 

A:  We are charged with developing this area to improve economic vitality with an awareness that we want to preserve open space.  We intend to do our job well and strike a balance that achieves both objectives.

Q: Why are Hull residents no longer allowed to park in the lot at the corner of Nantasket and Bay Street?

This parking lot is now leased to the Nantasket Beach Resort and is for their use only. Residents with a valid Hull Parking Sticker can park on the Water Street triangle lot (prior hotel parking lot across the street) for free. Residents with a valid Hull Parking Sticker may park in any of the main HRA lots for free as well. 

Q: Would you consider some sort of requirement/provision in your RFP that any potential developer makes a donation to the Hull Boosters to be used for a future Athletic Sport Complex? I believe it is common for Developers or Corporations when they move to a community to donate to local good causes.

 Currently the HRA does not plan on having any requirements/provisions in the RFP.