February 2, 2019 Press Release

HRA Press Release


TO: The Hull Times; The Patriot Ledger
FROM: Hull Redevelopment Authority
DATE: 2.5.19
CONTACT: Evan Shuman Evan.shuman@compass.com

The Hull Redevelopment Authority has completed the analysis, due diligence and evaluation in respect to the two developer proposals that have been submitted for the development of the HRA property between Water Street and the DCR parking lot along Hull Shore Drive Extension.

Based upon the proposals presented at two HRA meetings held at Hull High School, as well as subsequent meetings with both development groups, the HRA has decided to not move forward with either proposal. Each proposal led to further questions that were not answered to the satisfaction of the HRA in the more constrained proposal process mandated by current law.

The HRA in an effort to achieve the original mission of the HRA to “create a sense of place in our community through development that provides tax revenue, open space recreation, job growth, improved business environment, event venues and parking for Nantasket Beach”, will be moving forward on the development of an Urban Renewal Plan through the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

Having an approved updated Urban Renewal Plan in place will allow the HRA greater flexibility to engage and interact with governmental agencies, potential developers, and others to achieve the objectives described in the approved Urban Renewal Plan. This Plan will reflect recent planning and other studies undertaken for this important area in town.

As the HRA Urban Renewal Plan is developed for review and approval by the DHCD the HRA will keep progress and updates current on our website www.HRA02045.com.