Leeber-Tierney Pavilion Sign on the HRA Bayside Park

In 2015, the HRA was approached by Hull resident Jim Alibrandi, on behalf of the Leeber-Tierney Golf Classic, with an offer of a donation to construct a gazebo or small pavilion on the bayside portion of the HRA property, with the intended use as a bandstand or venue for other entertainment events.

The Leeber-Tierney Golf Classic is a yearly charity event established to honor the memory of Blaise Leeber and Donald Tierney, both of whom were raised in Hull and were active members of the community.  The event draws almost 150 golfers yearly and in seven years has raised and given away a total of $85,000 to Hull organizations, including Wellspring, the Hull Boosters Club, Hull Youth Football, Seat Swap, Hull Boy Scouts, Hull High Hockey, Hull Theatre Arts, and the Hull Scholarship Fund.   

The HRA voted to explore this offer by conducting research of the initial cost of purchase and of installation.   Due to government regulations which the HRA is obligated to follow, this research is still ongoing with the expectation of a pavilion being installed in the near future.   

The HRA approved the placement of a sign on the property announcing the forthcoming pavilion. The sign will be removed in November and reinstalled in May, 2017. 

Memorial Day Street Dedication of William Tierney

On Memorial Day, 2016, the corner of Q St. and Nantasket Ave. was dedicated to the memory of William Tierney, who once served as the HRA’s relocation director. The following letter was received by the HRA from Hull resident Charlie Gould. 

William Tierney was honored by the Town of Hull by having a square dedication at Q Street and Nantasket Avenue named for him on this past Memorial Day. This commemorated his service to the community, state, and nation in World War II and the Korean War. 

Bill was the relocation director for the HRA. He relocated well over 100 people from the urban renewal area and also numerous businesses. 

His family roots in Hull ran deep. His grandfather, Dr. Sylvester, was one of the town’s physicians. Marie, Bill’s mother, lost another son in the service of his country during World War II. She is honored as a Gold Star Mother at the Hull Cemetery. Hull honored Marie and Matt’s son by naming a street for him. It is located on Allerton Hill. 

Prior to being appointed relocation director by the HRA, Billy Tierney was a schoolteacher and a naval officer.