Updated use of parking lot at Nantasket Ave. and Bay St.


 Dear Residents of Bay Street and adjacent streets, 

This letter is to inform you that the HRA has modified our use of the HRA owned land at the intersection of Bay Street and Nantasket Avenue. 

Starting immediately, the area that is accessed by a driveway on Bay Street (across from the former Riva’s Pizza rear parking lot) will be dedicated for use solely by the Nantasket Beach Resort and Conference Center. 

Signage will be installed indicating that this is a parking lot for the Resort only. 

We will continue our practice of allowing any Hull Resident with a valid parking sticker to park for FREE at any of the leased HRA lots. These lots include the Triangle Lot (formerly the resort lot), the large main lot, and the northern lot at Phipps Street. Additional Municipal Parking is also FREE at the lot adjacent to the Hull Electric Light Plant. 

Remember, any Hull Resident with a valid parking sticker is able to park for FREE in the Triangle, Main, and Phipps Street parking lots. 

As always, if you have any questions about this issue or any issue related to the HRA, please send us your question and/or comments. 

Hull Redevelopment Authority 

Parking at the HRA property

On March 2, 2015 the HRA will begin requesting bids to operate the 900 car parking lot on Nantasket Beach for the 2015 summer season, May 1 – September 30. The HRA Board has made some changes that will greatly enhance the beach going experience for the residents of Hull.

The first change will be that any vehicle with a Municipal or Restricted, Hull Parking Sticker will be allowed to park in the 2 HRA lots along Hull Shore Drive for free. This will make it possible for any resident with a valid Hull Parking Sticker to have free access to our wonderful beach and local stores/restaurants.

The second change will be in the number and location of the vendors/concessions that will be permitted on the property. Vendors/concessions that want to set up shop on the northern end of the large lot (south of the DCR paved lot) can submit an application for a fee of $1,000 for the season, May 1 – September 30. It is our hope that some of our local businesses will apply for one of the spots and they will be able to capture the revenue from our summer visitors to the beach. On March 2, 2015 interested vendors/concessions and parking lot operators will be able to obtain an application instruction package at the office of the Town Clerk. Questions only should be directed to the Board Chairman through email, BJKelly@town.hull.ma.us.

Additionally, the HRA will continue to make parking available to Hull Citizens with valid Hull Parking Stickers on the bay side of the HRA property adjacent to Bay Street.