HRA History

The Hull Redevelopment Authority was created in 1961 via a Special Town Meeting to accept a charter from the Federal and State Government to redevelop the parcel of land that was deemed to be substandard, decadent or blighted open areas for industrial, commercial, business, residential, recreational, education, hospital, or other purposes. The initial funding arrived at the end of 1967 in the amount of $4.7 million to take, by eminent domain the 76 buildings on the property. Click here to learn how the HRA is defined under MA general law today.

During the years since the HRA was formed, there have been multiple development opportunities that have not come to fruition. These include Consultants Inc. in 1979, A.J. Lane in 1989, and Nantasket Beachfront Condos in 2004.

As of October 2018, the HRA has received two (2) developer proposals to our RFP and these will be reviewed by our Board and the Board of Selectmen over the next weeks and months. In the near future, both developers will present their proposals to the community in open meetings at the Nantasket Beach Hotel and Conference Center. We are presently engaged in our due diligence, research, and discovery, preparing the HRA Board for evaluating the proposals.

What is the goal of the Hull Redevelopment Authority?

The Hull Redevelopment Authority is charged with creating a "Sense of Place" in our community through development that provides tax revenue, open space recreation, job growth, improved business environment, event venues, and parking for Nantasket Beach within an effective and efficient traffic pattern for Hull citizens and visitors. In order to do so, we have established the following principles for our board:

  • We will maintain public confidence and trust in the HRA via transparent communication.

  • We will recognize the value and intention of citizens who offer feedback, both positive and critical.

  • We will communicate board meeting minutes and news with clarity and in a timely manner.

Click here to learn how the HRA is defined under MA general law.

The HRA board meetings are open to the public and are held on a monthly basis. 


Meet Our Members

Bartley Kelly, Chair - Term Expires 2022

Bartley Kelly is a lifelong resident of the Town of Hull, he grew up in the Atlantic Hill/ Gun Rock area and is a graduate of The Hull Public School system. He has operated businesses and completed some rehab/developments in Hull. He has been an elected member of The Hull Redevelopment Authority since 1992 and currently serves as Vice-Chair. He is an employee of the Town of Hull working as The Assistant Building Commissioner. He is a member of The Green Hill Improvement Association and former President.  Bartley lives in Hull with his wife Tracey and two children.

Spencer O'Loughlin, Vice-Chair - Term Expires 2021

Spencer O’Loughlin has been a resident of Hull since 1984 where he and his wife Sarah raised four sons. He has served on the HRA board since 2001 and is currently the Vice-Chairman. He has also served as President of the Point Allerton Association. He enjoys playing and coaching basketball, ocean swimming, and enjoying the beauty and energy of Hull.

James Tobin, Treasurer - State Appointee

James M. Tobin, treasurer, is the state-appointed member to the HRA. He has served on the Board of Assessors for 13 years. He was elected to the Board of Selectman for four years. He also served on Hull’s Finance Committee for 10 years. Jim was appointed by the Governor for a three year term as Vice Chairman of the Massachusetts Board of the Environmental Management. 

Jim worked for 25 years as a Forman with the AC&S Co., a nationwide industrial construction company. Before retired, he was a the department head of customer service at the Registry of Deeds in Plymouth for 10 years. Jim resides in the Hampton Circle area of town where he enjoys kayaking with his five granddaughters.

Dennis Zaia, Clerk - Term Expires 2024

Dennis Zaia has been a resident of Hull since 1976. He most recently served as President of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Paragon Carousel and prior to that he served as President of the Hull-Nantasket Beach Chamber of Commerce. He has also served on the Advisory Board, The Parking Study Committee and the very first Beach Management Committee. He is actively involved with the Hull Lifesaving Museum in the Adult Rowing Program and the Nantasket Hull Rotary Club. Dennis lives in the Allerton Hill Neighborhood of Hull.

Evan Shuman, Member - Term Expires 2023

Evan Shuman is a new resident of Hull having moved to town from the Boston area in 2017. Originally from Massachusetts, he spent 7 years in Los Angeles working in the hospitality and entertainment industries working with clients to develop a strategic vision and plan for their companies and employees.  He returned to New England 3 years ago. He and his partner Matt enjoy taking their dog, George, to the beach and getting to know this incredibly unique town.